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FaHRAS – Primary Care for GPs

FaHRAS for Primary Care is a NICE based decision support tool that provides risk assessment for people who present with concerns about their risk of developing breast cancer.

The securely hosted software application allows GPs to perform a NICE risk assessment and enables primary care the ability to determine objective risk and provide care in the most appropriate setting. This will have a positive impact on current care, alongside complimentary affects along the pathway, and reduce the risk of litigation.

Information on family history is gathered using a questionnaire that can then be inputted in to the system by a GP, nurse or admin staff and stored in a database. Letters are generated for the GP and the service user, detailing their risk and the advised clinical action.

By digitising the methods by which these increasing numbers of patients are processed current standards in screening practices and patient care can be maintained, and even improved upon, as well as easing the increasing demands on resources.


Secure N3 hosted service for NHS

Risk assessment for multi-cancer types (Breast, Lung, Colorectal)

Includes NICE Guidelines for Primary Care

Database encryption

Assessment management with patient letter generation

Multi-user network access controlled by username and password


Reduce unnecessary referrals into high demand specialist resources

Reduced exposure to litigation (NICE compliant)

Promotes early detection with risk stratification identifying those at the earliest possible opportunity

GDPR Compliant and associated European data protection laws


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