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Meet the team behind FaHRAS

At FaHRAS, our comprehensive risk assessment software offers decision support that helps improve outcomes

Our Story

FaHRAS Ltd was founded in 2006 as an SME spinout company from the University of Nottigham

FaHRAS supplies a range of sophisticated evidence-based software systems that enable a user to run a variety of analyses against their family history to quantify their risk of developing Breast, Lung and Colorectal cancer.


familial risk assessment into the pathway at the first point of contact, standardising the initial assessment and available information


our digital platform to enable healthcare professionals to assess & perform risk assessments for a range of conditions


new risk models that are suitable for the UK population alongside improvements to our products to enhance function and applicability

The FaHRAS Team

Richard Glazebrook


Experienced business professional with a wealth of over 40 years of commercial success in industry. He is recognised as a shrewd operator with a keen eye for market requirement and the associated supply of goods & services.

Neil Gutteridge

Chief Executive Officer

Senior Systems Analyst and Developer specialising in database enabled application development with the ability to manage and implement projects through the entire software lifecycle. He has over 15 years’ experience writing software systems for the NHS

Eric Robertson

Commercial Director

Commercial Director at FaHRAS with 5 years experience in commercialisation of innovation and familial risk assessment tools. Skill set in analytical thinking, complex system evaluation and innovation development.

Research & Development Collaborators

  • Association of Breast Surgery
  • East Midlands Academic Health Science Network
  • NHS Lincolnshire West Clinical Commissioning Group
  • NHS Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group
  • NHS Neward and Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service
  • The AHSN Network NHS England

  • SBRI Healthcare
  • NHS Sherwood Forest Hospitals
  • The University of Nottingham

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