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FaHRAS – Secondary Care

FaHRAS is a sophisticated evidence-based software system that enables the user to build and store a family history, however simple or complex, and to run a variety of analyses against their family history to quantify their risk of developing breast cancer in a rational and efficient manner.

Our system allows for the electronic storage of patient pedigrees, appraisal of multiple persons of interest related to the proband as well as the provision of uniquely tailored information for each individual in a quantification of risk.

The system also includes an auditing function that allows for valuable review of patient outcomes. All this enables more effective therapeutic intervention through efficient management of patient flow.

By digitising the methods by which these increasing numbers of patients are processed current standards in screening practices and patient care can be maintained, and even improved upon, as well as easing the increasing demands on resources.


Family tree drawing using standard notation

The NICE Guidelines as used by the NHS, IBIS (Tyrer-Cuzick), CanRisk, and Manchester Model Risk Assessments

Surveillance management with patient letter generation

Multi-user network access controlled by username and password

Access to program features controlled at a user level

Can be configured to link to existing databases such as PAS


Consolidates patient management for familial breast cancer in a digital environment

Rationalises patient referral management

Provides consistent risk assessment

Recommends and manages a patient’s recall for surveillance

Reduces the burden on triple assessment clinics

Allows more quantitative and qualitative analysis in line with the Cancer Reform Strategy 2008, NHS 5-year forward View 2014 and NHS long term plan 2019

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