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FaHRAS – Primary Care for GPs
How do I access FaHRAS – Primary Care for GPs?
FaHRAS for Primary Care is licensed through your local CCG. Please get in touch with us or contact your local CCG representative.
How much will this increase GP workload?
Taking a detailed family history is recommended in the current NICE guidelines. The FaHRAS tool will actually decrease GP workload as service users are sent away with questionnaire rather than trying to take a detailed family history in a 10 minute consultation. When the service user returns the questionnaire a designated member of admin staff will put in information on the online FaHRAS form.
How much will this increase admin workload?
Adding the information from the questionnaire onto the online form will only take a few minutes to complete, the risk assessment is calculated through the FaHRAS tool, which will electronically produce a summary for the GP indicating if the woman is recommended referral or not. FaHRAS will also electronically produce the letter to the service user stating their risk assessment outcome. These documents should be passed to the designated GP.
What to do if the service user does not arrange hospital appointment (e.g. through choose and book referral) or fails to attend the consultation? Should we follow up?
You should follow the standard approach in your practice. Follow up in exactly the same way you would any service user who has not arranged the referral or did not attend the hospital appointment.
What should be done with service users that the FaHRAS assessment advises ‘service user should be discussed with secondary care’?
As with other clinical situations and in line with NICE guidelines, when the diagnosis or management decision is unclear, contact the appropriate specialist at the hospital (see contact details below). Full guidance of this can be found in ‘Guide to Transferring the Paper Based Family History Questionnaire onto Online FaHRAS’.
How do I deal with an incomplete Family History Questionnaire (FHQ) or unclear information?
To make an accurate assessment, a complete and accurate family history is important. If the information is unclear we recommend that the admin staff contacts the service user before the risk assessment is run to clarify the family history to ensure that the risk assessment is accurate. We have tried to avoid this problem by including a help sheet with the family history questionnaire for extra guidance on how to complete the questionnaire. However, this problem may still arise. For example; if a service user has written ‘mastectomy’ in the column for recording diagnosis of cancer – the operation could be to treat breast cancer or prevent breast cancer in an individual at very high risk of the cancer.

FaHRAS – Secondary Care
How do I access FaHRAS – Secondary Care?
FaHRAS – Secondary Care is licensed through FaHRAS and can be directly supplied to you. Please get in touch with us to book a demo or request a quote. Typically you will need raise a purchase order internally or we can invoice you directly.
I have FaHRAS but we need to change it to a new computer?
You can reinstall FaHRAS on a new computer but you will need to contact us to reset your product activation code. You will also want to make a note of the current location of the backend database and make a backup as a precaution. Once reinstalled you will need to point the software to the location of the database.
Can I use FaHRAS to audit my patients?
Yes, you can query the database to identify patients in particular groups based on demographic, clinical or management criteria. Alternatively you can export the entire dataset to Microsoft Excel© for further statistical analysis.
Does FaHRAS link with existing systems?
Yes, FaHRAS can be linked with existing patient administration systems to pull in basic demographic information. We can provide guidance to your IT department to help configure this or provide a quote for performing the necessary work. Please get in touch for further information.
Is a SQL server backend configuration compatible with FaHRAS?
Yes, we can provide custom configuration to facilitate the management of the backend data to suit your needs. We can provide guidance to your IT department to help configure this or provide a quote for performing the necessary work. Please get in touch for further information.

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